OMG okay I don’t know why I chose ice I forgot I wrote that when I responded to your comment haha yeah my original idea was grass/flying I think I was just tired and put ice for some reason…..
I chose grass bc of the earth and you’re vegan and then I chose flying because I pictured you with glorious wings and you flew up into the clouds and soared to Finland

Okay the rest of the type asks I’ll send in a private message because that’ll go faster and it won’t clog up my blog but thank you all for participating I’ll try to do them all ^_^

Type my blog, or else~!


Your blog is grass/ice type

type my blog? ovo


Your blog is flying/psychic


Kiki’s Delivery Service (1989)

Type mine :)


Your blog is a dragon type

Type my blog


Your blog is a water/dark type

Ay ay ya what type am I??


Medicham? Your blog is fighting/psychic :)

type my blog


Your blog is electric type